List of products by brand EOTech

EOTech 558 HWS Holographic Sight
992.22 $
Discover the exceptional performance of the EOTech HWS 558™ Holographic Sight, designed for those who refuse to settle for less. This cutting-edge sight is compatible with all Gen I-III night vision devices, providing enhanced targeting capabilities in low-light conditions. Featuring an adjustable, locking, quick-detach mount, you can count on the 558 for rapid installation and instant removal to adapt to various shooting scenarios. Don't compromise on versatility and precision—choose the HWS 558™ for your firearm.
EOTech BinoNV Night Vision Goggle with Wilcox G24 Mount
Discover the exceptional performance of the EOTECH® BinoNV with Wilcox G24 Mount Night Vision Goggle, specifically engineered for military and law enforcement applications. This state-of-the-art device boasts a highly compact and lightweight design, ensuring easy maneuverability and lasting comfort during extended use. Built to adhere to rigorous MIL-SPEC standards, the BinoNV offers remarkable night vision capabilities, enabling users to confidently navigate and operate in low-light conditions. When paired with the reliable Wilcox G24 mount, this goggle promises secure attachment and convenient adjustability for a seamless user experience. Enhance your nighttime operations with the advanced features and outstanding durability of the EOTECH® BinoNV Night Vision Goggle.
EOTech BinoNV-C Night Vision Goggle with Wilcox G24 Mount
Discover the unparalleled performance of the EOTECH BinoNV-c night vision goggles, designed for superior visibility and functionality in low-light conditions. Engineered to comply with MIL-SPEC standards (MIL-STD-810G), these advanced goggles provide exceptional durability and reliability. The included Wilcox G24 mount enhances functionality by ensuring secure attachment to helmets and other headgear systems. Ideal for military, law enforcement, and nighttime hunting or surveillance applications, the BinoNV-c offers cutting-edge technology to assist in a range of operations and missions. Experience the difference that premium optics and superior construction can make with the EOTECH BinoNV-c night vision goggles.
EOTech ClipIR Thermal Clip-On Device
The EOTECH® ClipIR thermal clip-on device is an advanced uncooled imaging solution, designed to deliver a superior day/night vision advantage for users seeking to detect, observe, and engage with targets. Equipped with cutting-edge image enhancement algorithms, this device offers unrivaled performance in a variety of conditions. Seamlessly integrating with existing night vision systems, the ClipIR allows for extended operational capabilities and improved situational awareness, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy in critical situations. Experience the excellence of EOTECH’s innovative thermal technology with the ClipIR thermal clip-on device.
EOTech ClipIR-LR Thermal Clip-On Device
Discover unparalleled day and night vision capabilities with the EOTECH® ClipIR-LR thermal clip-on device. This cutting-edge accessory is equipped with advanced image enhancement algorithms specifically designed to offer users an exceptional advantage in detecting, observing, and engaging targets. Its uncooled thermal technology ensures reliable performance in various conditions, making it an essential addition to your tactical gear. Enhance your situational awareness and gain the upper hand with the EOTECH ClipIR-LR thermal clip-on device.
EOTech ClipNV Night Vision Device
Discover unparalleled targeting accuracy with the EOTECH ClipNV Night Vision device. This innovative clip-on system offers a seamless rifle-mounted solution for superior target detection and identification during low-light conditions. With its advanced night vision technology, the ClipNV enhances your optical performance, allowing you to accurately identify and engage targets at extended ranges. Experience the freedom to operate in complete darkness with confidence and accuracy using the EOTECH ClipNV Night Vision device, a must-have accessory for any tactical or hunting enthusiast.
EOTech ClipNV-LR Night Vision Device
Discover the superior target detection and identification capabilities of the EOTECH® ClipNV-LR, a high-performance clip-on night vision device designed for rifle mounting. This advanced night vision system allows users to easily transition between day and night shooting without having to re-zero, ensuring seamless and accurate target acquisition in low-light conditions. Its compact design and durable construction make it a reliable and versatile addition to your tactical gear. Experience the enhanced clarity and performance that the EOTECH ClipNV-LR Night Vision device delivers, and gain the advantage in challenging lighting situations.
EOTech EFLX Mini Red Dot Sight Pistol Sight
536.82 $
Discover the EFLX Mini Red Dot Sight Pistol Sight - EOTECH's premier entry into the world of reflex technology optics. This compact and lightweight sight provides rapid target acquisition and improved accuracy, making it perfect for both novice and experienced shooters. Designed for use on pistols, it boasts a durable construction that can withstand heavy recoil and harsh conditions. The EFLX also features a user-friendly interface with easily adjustable brightness settings to suit various lighting conditions. Enhance your shooting experience with this high-performance pistol sight from the renowned EOTECH brand.
EOTech EXPS2 HWS Green Holographic Sight
1061.22 $
Experience enhanced precision with the EOTech HWS EXPS2 Green Holographic Sight, designed to occupy a minimal 2.75 inches of rail space. This compact yet powerful sighting device features a brilliant green reticle, which offers improved visibility and faster target acquisition compared to traditional red reticles. Equipped with a quick-detach lever, the EXPS2 allows for easy mounting and removal, ensuring versatility across various platforms. Built to withstand harsh environments, this rugged holographic sight is a reliable choice for both tactical and recreational shooting applications. Upgrade your aiming capabilities and gain a competitive edge with the EOTech HWS EXPS2 Green Holographic Sight.
EOTech G33 Magnifier, Black
895.62 $
Upgrade your tactical gear with the EOTech G33 Magnifier in Black, a highly-regarded magnifier used by the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). This state-of-the-art accessory boasts a compact and lightweight design, ensuring ease of use and portability. Equipped with a tool-free azimuth adjustment feature and an adjustable diopter for precise focusing, the G33 Magnifier enhances your target identification and acquisition capabilities. Its rugged construction and superior optics provide exceptional performance and reliability in demanding environments, making it a must-have addition to any tactical or shooting setup.
EOTech G33 Magnifier, Tan
895.62 $
Discover the top choice of USSOCOM with the EOTech G33 Magnifier in Tan. This compact and lightweight magnifier is perfect for enhancing your targeting capabilities, while also being easy to carry and maneuver. The G33 offers superior clarity and accuracy, ensuring that you don't miss a shot. Compatible with a variety of holographic sights, this magnifier also features a quick-detach lever, making it simple and fast to switch between magnified and non-magnified views. Boost your shooting performance and precision with this military-grade accessory – the EOTech G33 Magnifier in Tan.
EOTech G43 Magnifier
923.22 $
Discover the outstanding performance of the EOTech G43 Magnifier, a smaller, streamlined version of the highly renowned G33 Magnifier. As one of the most compact and lightweight magnifiers on the market, the G43 maintains the same battle-tested reliability and performance that EOTech magnifiers are known for. Enhance your aiming capabilities and gain a competitive edge in any situation with this durable and versatile piece of tactical equipment. Experience accuracy, speed, and functionality like never before with the EOTech G43 Magnifier at your side.
EOTech G45 Magnifier
950 $
Discover enhanced accuracy with the EOTech G45 Magnifier, offering a compact 5X magnification without compromising on weight and size. Boasting similar dimensions and weight as the popular G33 Magnifier, the G45 takes precision aiming to new heights with an additional 2X magnification, making it perfect for targeting greater distances. Upgrade your shooting experience with this advanced magnification tool, designed for supreme performance and reliability. Elevate your long-range shooting capabilities with the EOTech G45 Magnifier, the ultimate companion for serious marksmen.
EOTech HHS Green Hybrid Sight
1765.02 $
Experience unparalleled precision and rapid target acquisition with the EOTech HHS Green Hybrid Sight. Designed for both close and long-range engagements, this advanced sighting system features a bright, easy-to-see green reticle for enhanced visibility in various lighting conditions. The combination of a holographic sight and a magnifier ensures quick transitioning between targets at different distances, providing unparalleled versatility for various tactical situations. Made with durability and reliability in mind, the HHS Green Hybrid Sight is a must-have addition to any shooter's arsenal, delivering faster target acquisition and improved accuracy for a superior shooting experience. Upgrade your aiming capabilities with the EOTech HHS Green Hybrid Sight and gain the competitive edge you've been looking for.
EOTech HHS I Hybrid Sight
2122.44 $
Upgrade your tactical gear with the EOTech HHS I Hybrid Sight – a versatile and advanced sighting system for improved combat performance. Equipped with an EXPS3-4 holographic sight and a G33 magnifier, this robust system allows for seamless transition from close-quarters combat to targets up to 600 meters away. Its compact design and durable construction make it perfect for professionals and enthusiasts seeking accuracy and speed in dynamic tactical scenarios. Enhance your shooting capabilities with this reliable, cutting-edge hybrid sight.
EOTech HHS II Hybrid Sight
1613.21 $
Experience unparalleled versatility with the EOTech HHS II Hybrid Sight, a powerful combination of an EXPS2-2 holographic sight and a G33.STS magnifier. This dynamic duo allows for seamless transition between close-quarters combat and long-range targeting, giving you the edge in any situation. The HHS II offers superior target acquisition, rapid reticle adjustments, and enhanced accuracy, making it a must-have for tactical and recreational shooters alike. Don't miss out on this innovative and adaptable sighting system that is designed to elevate your shooting capabilities.
EOTech HHS III Hybrid Sight
1502.82 $
Elevate your shooting experience with the HHS III Hybrid Sight, a technologically advanced sighting system previously offered by EOTech. Combining the power of a holographic sight with the precision of magnification, this versatile sight is suitable for various shooting scenarios. Its quick target acquisition and reliable performance make it a popular choice for professional shooters and recreational enthusiasts alike. Although the EOTech HHS III Hybrid Sight was discontinued in 2021, it remains a highly sought-after item known for its durability, adaptability, and high-quality construction. Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your shooting accuracy with this exceptional, expertly engineered sight.
EOTech HHS V Hybrid Sight
1850 $
Upgrade your tactical gear with the EOTech HHS V Hybrid Sight, a cutting-edge combination of an EXPS3-4 holographic weapon sight and a G45 magnifier. This versatile sighting system offers seamless transitions between close-quarters combat and targets up to 600 meters away. With its compact design and easy-to-use side-to-side flip mount, the G45 magnifier maximizes efficiency while maintaining a low-profile appearance. The EXPS3-4 holographic sight boasts exceptional durability, clarity, and reliability, ensuring you'll have an accurate and reliable targeting solution in any scenario. Experience unrivaled performance and precision when you equip your firearm with the EOTech HHS V Hybrid Sight.
EOTech HHS VI Hybrid Sight
1792.62 $
The EOTech HHS VI Hybrid Sight is designed to offer unparalleled shooting accuracy in various scenarios. This state-of-the-art sighting system combines the EXPS3-2 holographic weapon sight with a G43 magnifier for enhanced target acquisition and precision. The sleek and compact design makes it a versatile choice for various firearms, while its advanced features ensure accurate aiming in close quarters and at extended ranges. With the HHS VI, you can experience superior performance and reliability in a lightweight, easy-to-mount package, making it the perfect addition to your tactical or hunting gear.
EOTech HWS 300 Blackout Holographic Sight
854.22 $
The EOTech XPS2-300 HWS Holographic Sight is specifically designed for optimal performance with 300 Blackout firearms in extreme tactical situations. This highly efficient sight provides exceptional subsonic stealth capabilities, making it ideal for discreet operations. The XPS2-300 features a two-dot ballistic drop reticle, allowing for precise shot placement at varying distances and enabling rapid transitioning between targets. Compact, durable, and reliable, the EOTech HWS 300 Blackout Holographic Sight is a perfect addition to your tactical gear. Experience enhanced accuracy and stealth in demanding environments with this advanced sighting system.
EOTech HWS 512 Holographic Sight
710.7 $
Experience rapid target acquisition, exceptional reliability, and impressive durability with the EOTech HWS 512 Holographic Sight. Designed to cater to users who do not require night-vision compatibility, this state-of-the-art optical device is powered by easily accessible AA batteries, making it ideal for any situation or location. With an advanced laser holography technology, the HWS 512 delivers clear and precise aiming, ensuring the perfect shot every time. Upgrade your shooting performance with this cutting-edge holographic sight, and experience unparalleled accuracy and effectiveness in your shooting endeavors.
EOTech HWS 512 XBOW Holographic Sight
674.82 $
Specifically designed for crossbow enthusiasts, the EOTech HWS 512 XBOW Holographic Sight utilizes advanced holographic technology to provide excellent range-scaling data in a convenient heads-up display. This cutting-edge sight allows hunters to quickly and accurately target their prey, enhancing the overall hunting experience. With its innovative design, the 512 XBOW ensures precise aiming, making it an essential addition to your crossbow setup. Experience the power of holographic technology and elevate your hunting game with the EOTech HWS 512 XBOW Holographic Sight.
EOTech HWS 518 Holographic Sight - Circle Dot Reticle
840.42 $
Upgrade your shooting experience with the EOTech HWS 518 Holographic Sight, featuring a Circle 1-Dot Reticle. This exceptional sight boasts all the advanced features found in EOTech's top-rated EXPS model, but with the added convenience of using easy-to-find AA batteries. Enhance your accuracy and target acquisition with the vivid reticle display and quick, one-handed operation. Built for durability and reliability, the HWS 518 is perfect for both recreational and professional use. Don't compromise on performance; choose the EOTech HWS 518 for a superior holographic sighting system.
EOTech HWS 552 Holographic Sight
890.1 $
Experience unparalleled accuracy with the EOTech HWS 552 Holographic Sight, a highly sought-after night vision-compatible holographic weapon sight. Widely popular among tactical enthusiasts and professional operators alike, this sight is renowned for its precision aiming capabilities and seamless performance, even in low-light conditions. The HWS 552 is designed to provide users with quick target acquisition, enabling more effective and efficient shooting. Its durable construction ensures its reliability in harsh environments and consistent performance under various conditions. Equip your firearm with the EOTech HWS 552 Holographic Sight and experience the ultimate in versatility and precision.