List of products by brand Leica Geosystems

Leica Geosystems Access to RTK and RTN SMARTNET Network - 1 Month
66.09 $
Gain access to Leica Geosystems' highly accurate and reliable RTK and RTN SMARTNET network for 1 month with this subscription. The SMARTNET network provides real-time, high-precision GNSS corrections, elevating the performance of your Leica GNSS equipment with continuous network coverage. Benefits include improved productivity, faster positioning, and enhanced measurement quality. This 1-month subscription is perfect for short-term projects, addressing the needs of professionals in surveying, construction, GIS, and other industries requiring precise positioning solutions. Experience the ease and efficiency of the Leica Geosystems RTK and RTN SMARTNET network today.
Leica Geosystems Access to RTK and RTN SMARTNET Network - 12 Months
393.9 $
Introducing the Leica Geosystems 12-month access to the RTK and RTN SMARTNET network - a complete and precise GNSS correction service designed to improve your surveying and mapping results. With this subscription, you'll obtain uninterrupted, high-precision corrections from a continuously expanding network of reference stations. Ideal for professionals in the surveying, engineering, and construction industries, this service is compatible with a wide range of GNSS equipment. Optimize your data accuracy, reduce operating costs, and increase productivity with Leica Geosystems' RTK and RTN SMARTNET network access for 12 months. Experience unparalleled geospatial solutions and enhance your projects with this advanced positioning service.
Leica Geosystems Access to RTK and RTN SMARTNET Network - 120hrs for One Year
241.64 $
Experience unparalleled accuracy in your surveying and GPS needs with Leica Geosystems' 120-hour access to the RTK and RTN SMARTNET network for one year. This subscription provides you with access to a cutting-edge real-time kinematic (RTK) and real-time network (RTN) solution, designed to ensure high precision and control in your projects. With seamless connectivity and continuous updates across multiple reference stations, the SMARTNET network offers improved positioning accuracy, reduced initialization times, and increased reliability. Don't settle for less when it comes to your data collection; choose Leica Geosystems for the gold standard in accuracy and reliability.
Leica Geosystems Access to RTK and RTN SmartNet Network - 3 Months
132.37 $
Introducing the "Leica Geosystems Access to RTK and RTN SMARTNET Network - 3 Months": a high-quality, reliable and precise RTK and RTN positioning service subscription for a duration of 3 months. This product grants you access to the renowned SMARTNET network, which consists of multiple reference stations to provide accurate positioning data for GNSSsurveying and construction applications. By utilizing this network, you'll enjoy immediate access to reliable corrections data, ultimately boosting work efficiency, increasing accuracy, and reducing project costs. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your geospatial projects with the trusted expertise of Leica Geosystems. Note: Leica Geosystems is a known brand in geospatial industry, so mentioning the brand instills confidence in our visitors.
Leica Geosystems Access to RTK and RTN SmartNet Network - 6 Months
205.81 $
Introducing the Leica Geosystems access to the high-precision RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) and RTN (Real-Time Network) SMARTNET network subscription, now available for 6 months! Designed for maximum accuracy in the field of surveying, mapping, and construction, this subscription provides superior GNSS correction data for optimized results. Connected to a vast network of continuously operating reference stations (CORS), it delivers heightened precision, significantly improved efficiency, and seamless integration. Enhance your projects' performance and take advantage of the cutting-edge surveying technology with this subscription that grants you half a year of GEO RTK and RTN SMARTNET network access.