List of products by brand Cobham SATCOM

100-240V AC/DC Power Supply for Explorer 300/500
166.79 $
The Cobham BGAN Explorer 300/500 AC/DC Power Supply is specifically designed to provide reliable and efficient power to your Explorer 300 and 500 BGAN models. With a wide input voltage range of 100-240V, it ensures compatibility with various power sources across the globe. This power supply unit not only powers your device but also simultaneously recharges the Lithium-ion battery, ensuring that your communication device is always ready for use. The robust design offers durability and optimum performance, making it a perfect companion for your BGAN Explorer 300 or 500 satellite terminal. Invest in this power supply to experience uninterrupted connectivity and ease of use.
100-240V AC/DC Power Supply for Explorer 700/710
118.8 $
The Cobham BGAN Explorer 700/710 AC/DC Power Supply is an essential accessory for your EXPLORER 700 or 710 terminal, ensuring a reliable and consistent power source. This versatile adapter operates within a range of 100-240V, making it suitable for use across various countries and regions. While providing power to the terminal, it also recharges the Lithium Ion battery simultaneously, ensuring your device is always ready for use when you need it. Invest in this quality power supply to keep your EXPLORER 700/710 terminal functioning smoothly and efficiently, no matter where your adventures take you.
10m NMEA 2000 Mini Device Cable
125 $
The 10m NMEA2K Mini Device Cable provides a seamless connection between your essential marine electronics and the on-board NMEA 2000 network. With its 10-meter length, this cable ensures flexibility and convenience for a variety of installation options. Designed to work with NMEA 2000 certified devices, this cable is compatible with all major marine electronics brands, ensuring easy integration and interoperability. Its compact, yet robust construction is perfect for small boats and tight spaces, while still maintaining reliable data transfer and communication. Enjoy enhanced navigation, steering, and monitoring capabilities with the dependable performance and functionality of the 10m NMEA2K Mini Device Cable.
15m NMEA 2000 Mini Device Cable
180 $
Upgrade your marine electronics with our premium quality 15m NMEA2K Mini Device Cable, designed to improve the performance, functionality, and reliability of your boat's networking system. This long-lasting and durable cable is specifically engineered for NMEA 2000 network connectivity, ensuring seamless integration with a wide range of marine devices, such as GPS, marine radios, and depth sounders. With a length of 15 meters, it provides ample flexibility for installation and routing in various vessel configurations. The mini 5-pin design allows for easy plug-and-play connections, perfect for simplifying your onboard electronics setup. Boost your boat's navigational capabilities and enjoy a more efficient and reliable network with this exceptional NMEA2K Mini Device Cable.
19" Rack Mounting Kit for Sailor 6080 AC/DC Power Supply
354 $
The 19" Rack Mounting Kit is specially designed for the SAILOR 6080 AC/DC Power Supply, ensuring a seamless and secure integration into your existing setup. This mounting kit offers a reliable solution to keep your power supply firmly in place, while organizing your equipment in a standardized 19" rack format. Versatile and easy to install, this kit accommodates the specific dimensions and mounting requirements of the SAILOR 6080, providing optimal support and ventilation. Enhance your system's efficiency and performance with the 19" Rack Mounting Kit for the SAILOR 6080 AC/DC Power Supply, making it an essential addition to your networking or communications infrastructure.
20m NMEA 2000 Micro Device Cable
180 $
Upgrade your marine electronics with the reliable and efficient 20m NMEA2K Micro Device Cable. This high-quality cable offers the ideal solution for transmitting network data between compatible NMEA 2000-enabled devices on your boat. Measuring 20 meters in length, it provides sufficient reach for connecting various devices in different areas of your vessel. Designed with a micro connector, this cable ensures simple plug-and-play usage with seamless compatibility among marine gadgets. Moreover, it delivers enhanced durability and performance, thanks to its rugged construction and advanced shielding technology, ensuring uninterrupted navigation, communication, and monitoring systems. Invest in the 20m NMEA2K Micro Device Cable to maintain accurate and timely data transfer within your marine network.
30m NMEA 2000 Mini Device Cable
355 $
The 30m NMEA2K Mini Device Cable is the perfect solution for connecting and extending your marine networking system. This high-quality, durable cable supports the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) 2000 standard, ensuring seamless communication between your compatible devices. With a length of 30 meters (98.4 feet), this cable allows for easy and flexible routing and installation, even on larger boats or yachts. Its small profile and rugged construction make it ideal for the harsh marine environment, reducing signal interference and degradation. Trust the 30m NMEA2K Mini Device Cable to enhance the performance and reliability of your marine electronics network.
50m NMEA 2000 Mini Device Cable
600 $
Upgrade your boat's data network with our high-quality 50m NMEA2K Mini Device Cable. Designed for superior performance and reliability in marine environments, this cable enables seamless integration and communication between your onboard devices, sensors, and displays. The 50-meter length provides an ample amount of cable for most installations, while the easily manageable mini size makes routing a breeze. The NMEA2K protocol delivers dependable high-speed data transfer to help you stay connected and informed at all times. With its robust construction and corrosion-resistant connectors, this cable ensures optimum functionality and durability, even in the toughest conditions. Invest in your vessel's connectivity with our 50m NMEA2K Mini Device Cable.
5m Extension Cable with LTW Plugs on Both Ends: One Plug for Bulk Mount
84 $
Upgrade your setup with this 5m extension cable, featuring LTW plugs on both ends for a secure connection. The cable is designed with one bulk mount plug, allowing for easy installation in a variety of commercial and industrial applications. With 12 poles and a screened CAN cable construction, this extension provides optimal signal transmission and reliable results. Its durable design ensures long-lasting performance and hassle-free maintenance, making it a perfect addition for any professional or DIY project. Enhance your connectivity options and enjoy seamless data transmission with this versatile 5m extension cable.
6m NMEA 2K Micro Device Cable
105 $
Upgrade your marine electronics system with the 6m NMEA2000 Micro Device Cable. This high-quality cable is specifically designed for seamless integration of your NMEA2000 devices, ensuring optimum data transfer and reliable performance. Measuring 6 meters in length, this cable gives you the flexibility needed to connect various components within your vessel's system, such as sensors, displays, and control units. The cable is equipped with a micro connection and features a robust construction that is built to withstand challenging marine environments. With its superior durability and efficient data transmission capabilities, this cable presents an essential element for any successful marine electronics setup. Experience unparalleled connectivity and enhance the performance of your NMEA2000 network with this reliable and versatile cable.
6m NMEA 2K Power Cable
120 $
Experience seamless marine electronic data communication with our 6m NMEA 2000 Power Cable. This high-quality cable is specifically designed to connect your NMEA 2000 compatible devices, ensuring efficient power delivery and data transfer between your marine electronics. Its 6 meter length provides ample reach for various installations, while the robust construction ensures reliable and long-lasting performance even in harsh marine conditions. Ideal for use with GPS units, fish finders, chartplotters, and other NMEA 2000 compatible systems, this power cable is an essential addition to your boat's electronic setup. Upgrade your vessel's connectivity and enjoy smooth navigation with the durable and dependable 6m NMEA 2000 Power Cable.
Active Antenna DSC, Navtex, Broadband
426 $
Upgrade your marine communication and navigation system with our high-quality Active Antenna, designed for optimal performance in DSC, Navtex, and Broadband applications. This versatile, multi-functional antenna offers exceptional signal reception and range, ensuring clear communication and accurate navigational data in both coastal and offshore environments. Its compact, lightweight design allows for easy installation and integration with existing equipment, while the durable, weather-resistant construction ensures long-lasting, reliable use. Enhance your boating experience and stay connected with our cutting-edge Active Antenna for DSC, Navtex, and Broadband!
Active HF Receive Antenna KUM121
510 $
The KUM121 Active HF Receive Antenna is a high-performance, versatile solution for avid radio enthusiasts. Designed to cover a wide frequency range from 9 kHz to 50 MHz, this antenna delivers superior reception with minimal noise, ensuring a crystal-clear listening experience at all times. The compact design of KUM121 makes it perfect for small spaces, while the robust construction ensures long-lasting durability. Additionally, this antenna boasts a simple installation process, making it easy for anyone to set it up without requiring technical expertise. Ideal for amateur radio operators, shortwave listeners, and military communications, the KUM121 Active HF Receive Antenna is an essential addition to your radio setup.
Addvalue Skipper 150 FleetBroadband
5274.74 $
Discover seamless connectivity with the Addvalue Skipper 150 FleetBroad Band - an innovative marine satellite communication solution designed for maritime, sailor, and sea systems. This compact and lightweight device offers high-quality voice calls, data transfer, and access to essential weather and navigational information. Whether you're on leisure cruises, fishing expeditions, or cargo shipments, the Addvalue Skipper 150 FleetBroad Band ensures reliable and continuous connection wherever your adventures take you. Experience unparalleled communication at sea with this top-notch maritime satellite phone and stay connected to the world even in the most remote locations.
Akku Bly GMDSS Battery 12V/100Ah LxWxH 395x108x287
954 $
Experience reliable power with the Akku Bly GMDSS Battery, crafted with a 12V/100Ah capacity to deliver dependable performance for your marine communication systems. With its compact dimensions of 395x108x287mm (LxWxH), this high-quality battery is perfectly designed for easy installation and optimal space-saving, making it an ideal choice for various marine applications. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting durability, even in the harshest environments. Invest in the Akku Bly GMDSS Battery to power your marine communication devices with confidence and ensure smooth operations on the waters.
Akku Bly GMDSS Battery 12V/155Ah LxWxH 561x125x283
1194 $
Upgrade your power supply with the high-performance Akku Bly GMDSS Battery, boasting a capacity of 12V/155Ah. This reliable and durable battery is specifically designed for marine applications and is compliant with Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) regulations. With dimensions of 561x125x283 (LxWxH), this compact battery is easy to install in nearly any vessel and ensures seamless operation for your safety and communication equipment. Its superior build quality and efficient power delivery make the Akku Bly GMDSS Battery an essential addition for any marine enthusiast or professional requiring a consistent and reliable energy source on the water.
Akku Bly GMDSS Battery 12V/62Ah LxWxH 280x97x264mm
594 $
Experience a reliable and long-lasting power solution with the Akku Bly GMDSS Battery, featuring a 12V/62Ah capacity. This high-performance battery is specifically designed for Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) applications, ensuring efficient power supply for critical maritime communication and safety equipment when you need it the most. With dimensions of 280x97x264mm, it's perfectly sized for easy installation and integration into your GMDSS setup. Manufactured with premium materials, this battery delivers consistent performance while maintaining outstanding durability and providing peace of mind for every seafaring adventure. Keep your GMDSS equipment fully charged and ready for action with the Akku Bly 12V/62Ah Battery.
Antenna Cable 50m for 407390A
954 $
Upgrade your communication setup with our high-quality 50m Antenna Cable designed specifically for use with the 407390A system. With this extended cable length, enjoy greater flexibility in positioning your antenna for optimal signal and performance. This premium cable package comes complete with N connectors (not mounted) for secure and reliable connections – both connectors are male/male, ensuring an exceptional fit with compatible devices. Made with durability and efficiency in mind, this antenna cable is a valuable addition to your wireless communication system, offering seamless integration with the 407390A model. Invest in superior signal transmission and expand your connectivity potential with this 50m Antenna Cable.
Antenna Controller Unit ACU SAILOR 100 GX
5784 $
Upgrade your maritime communication system with the advanced ACU SAILOR 100 GX 7016C Antenna Controller Unit. This cutting-edge device ensures seamless and uninterrupted connectivity with Inmarsat's Global Xpress (GX) network, optimizing the performance of your Sailor 100 GX antenna system. By integrating with leading satellite communication providers, the ACU guarantees high-speed internet and reliable voice calls, making it ideal for commercial, naval, and leisure vessels. Designed for ease of installation and maintenance, this top-of-the-line controller unit offers user-friendly operation and enhanced safety features, assuring an optimal internet experience for your crew and vessel. Choose the ACU SAILOR 100 GX 7016C for superior performance and connectivity at sea.
Antenna Wire, 10mm2 80x0.40 - per meter
18 $
Upgrade your antenna system with our premium 10mm2 80x0.40 Antenna Wire, available by the metre for a customized fit. This high-quality wire is designed for optimal signal transmission, ensuring a reliable and clear connection to your favorite radio stations and broadcasts. The wire features 80 strands of 0.40mm diameter, providing exceptional flexibility and strength for easy installation and long-lasting performance. Its durable construction resists wear and tear, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Don't compromise on quality – choose our 10mm2 80x0.40 Antenna Wire for an enhanced listening experience.
ATEX Dual Charger Kit for SP3500 ATEX
432 $
Experience fast, safe, and efficient charging for your SP3500 ATEX devices with the ATEX Dual Charger Kit. Specifically designed to meet ATEX safety regulations, this kit ensures that your devices are powered up securely, without the risk of sparks or explosions in potentially hazardous environments. The kit features dual charging capabilities, meaning you can charge two devices simultaneously – making it perfect for teams that rely on multiple devices throughout the day. With its compact and durable design, as well as compatibility with SP3500 ATEX radios, this charger is the ideal solution for industries such as oil and gas, mining, and chemical plants. Invest in peace of mind and ensure your team stays connected and powered with the ATEX Dual Charger Kit for SP3500 ATEX.
ATEX Leather Carrying Case with Shoulder Strap for SP3530, SP3540, SP3560 ATEX
102 $
Protect and transport your SP3530, SP3540, or SP3560 ATEX device with ease using this high-quality ATEX Leather Carrying Case. Designed specifically for these models, the case offers a secure and durable solution for on-the-go professionals working in hazardous environments. The robust leather material ensures long-lasting protection against daily wear and tear, while the adjustable shoulder strap provides comfort and convenience. The case also features a Velcro closure for quick and easy access to your device. Invest in this reliable carrying case to ensure your SP3530, SP3540, or SP3560 ATEX equipment is well-maintained and ready for use anytime, anywhere.
ATEX Single Charger Kit for SP3500 ATEX
336 $
The ATEX Single Charger Kit for SP3500 ATEX is an essential accessory for your SP3500 ATEX communication devices, ensuring they are always ready for use in hazardous environments. Specially designed to comply with the ATEX directive, this charger kit guarantees safe and efficient charging of your devices in explosive atmospheres. The kit consists of a high-quality single charging unit, providing a reliable power source for your SP3500 ATEX, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Invest in the ATEX Single Charger Kit for your SP3500 ATEX devices to keep them fully charged and operational at all times in demanding conditions.
Battery Box Option for SAILOR 6194 Terminal Control Unit (TCU)
1194 $
Upgrade your SAILOR 6194 Terminal Control Unit (TCU) with this practical battery box option to ensure optimal performance and reliable communication while at sea. This add-on not only provides your TCU with an efficient source of backup power, but it also helps protect the internal components from environmental factors and potential damage. Designed specifically for the SAILOR 6194 TCU, this battery box seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, enhancing the functionality and ease of use of your maritime communication equipment. Ensure your vessel remains connected and in control with this essential accessory for your SAILOR 6194 Terminal Control Unit.