List of products by brand ICOM

IC-SAT100M Satellite PTT Mobile Radio
3387.74 $
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The IC-SAT100M Satellite PTT Mobile Radio offers unparalleled communication capabilities to users across a wide range of industries. This advanced mobile satellite radio operates on the Iridium satellite network, ensuring seamless global communication coverage even in the most remote locations. With its robust build and intuitive user interface, the radio is designed for easy use in both indoor and outdoor environments. Key features include crystal clear voice quality, One-to-Many communication capabilities, and extended battery life for uninterrupted connectivity. When it comes to reliable and efficient communication, trust the powerful performance of the IC-SAT100M Satellite PTT Mobile Radio.
Icom GM600 VHF Maritime Radio
1449.04 $
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Introducing the Icom GM600, a top-of-the-line VHF maritime radio designed for seamless and reliable communication at sea. This exceptional device is fully compliant with the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) standards, providing you with a secure and trustworthy communication channel when you need it most. With its Class A Digital Selective Calling (DSC) capabilities, the Icom GM600 allows for enhanced safety features and efficient communication with other vessels and coast stations. Don't compromise on your safety and communication requirements while navigating the open waters - choose the robust and dependable Icom GM600 VHF maritime radio.
Icom IC-F3102D VHF Digital Handheld Two-Way Radio
320 $
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Introducing the Icom IC-F3102D VHF PMR Handheld Two-Way Radio - a powerful and versatile digital communication device perfect for both personal and professional use. This compact, easy-to-use radio offers enhanced audio quality, vast coverage, and advanced digital features, ensuring clear and reliable communication wherever you go. Its rugged design and customizable features make it ideal for various scenarios, from outdoor adventures to on-site job management. With an impressive battery life and user-friendly interface, the Icom IC-F3102D VHF PMR Handheld Two-Way Radio is the ultimate companion for efficient, seamless communication. Experience the difference in communication quality and reliability with the Icom IC-F3102D.
Icom IC-F3202DEX / IC-F4202DEX ATEX Handheld Two-Way Radio
567.92 $
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Discover the robust and reliable Icom IC-F3202DEX / IC-F4202DEX ATEX Handheld Two-Way Radio, specifically designed to cater to the demanding requirements of the oil and gas, mining, chemical, and marine sectors. Boasting IEC EX/ATEX-based I/S specifications, this digital radio ensures safe and effective communication in hazardous environments. The IC-F3202DEX / IC-F4202DEX also provides crystal-clear audio and a long-lasting battery, making it the perfect tool for professionals operating in challenging conditions. Experience seamless communication with this rugged and dependable two-way radio from Icom.
Icom IC-F3400D / IC-F4400D Digital dPMR Handheld Radio
472.81 $
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Discover the cutting-edge Icom IC-F3400D / IC-F4400D dPMR digital handheld radio, designed to enhance your communication experience. With advanced features including crystal-clear digital audio, reliable communication range, and enhanced battery life, this product ensures peak performance in demanding environments. This compact and rugged device is perfect for professionals in various industries, such as security, construction, and public safety. The user-friendly interface and programmable buttons make it easy to customize and access essential functions. Stay connected and efficient with the Icom IC-F3400D / IC-F4400D two-way radio—the ultimate choice in digital communication technology.
Icom IC-F5012 / IC-F6012
264.24 $
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Upgrade to the Icom IC-F5012 / IC-F6012 mobile transceiver series, which has enhanced capabilities as the successor of the popular IC-F110S / IC-F210S models. This advanced communication device is perfect for businesses that need reliable and powerful communication solutions. It features a built-in speaker with an impressive 4W output, ensuring loud and clear audio quality. Additionally, multiple signaling and flexible selective calling options make it easy to manage and customize communications with advanced technology. With a sleek design and durable construction, the IC-F5012 / IC-F6012 is designed for longevity and ease of use in demanding environments. Choose the Icom IC-F5012 / IC-F6012 series for superior mobile communication performance.
Icom IC-FR5100 / IC-FR6100 Digital PMR IDAS Repeater
1058.33 $
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Expand your communication capabilities with the Icom IC-FR5100 / IC-FR6100 VHF/UHF Digital PMR IDAS Repeater. As the first Icom repeater to support 6.25kHz digital channel spacing, this model delivers enhanced audio quality, improved connectivity, and increased coverage. Its cutting-edge IDAS technology is highly efficient, allowing for simultaneous analog and digital communication on a single repeater unit. Designed for easy integration into existing systems, the IC-FR5100 / IC-FR6100 offers seamless migration from analog to digital platforms. With its versatile performance and advanced technology, this Icom repeater is an ideal solution for demanding professional communication needs.
Icom IC-M25E VHF Marine Handheld Radio
202.8 $
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Introducing the Icom IC-M25E VHF marine handheld radio, a compact and lightweight solution for reliable communication at sea. Designed to float, this device ensures easy retrieval in case of accidental drops overboard. Its high-quality features include a powerful speaker, long-lasting battery and efficient USB charging capabilities. As an essential tool for boating enthusiasts and professionals alike, the IC-M25E offers exceptional performance and durability for staying connected on the water. Explore the convenience and peace of mind this "floating" handheld radio brings to your marine adventures!
Icom IC-M330GE Fixed VHF/DSC Radio
291.07 $
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Introducing the IC-M330GE, our compact and user-friendly entry-level VHF marine radio. This reliable fixed VHF/DSC radio is designed with Icom's advanced features, ensuring clear communication and top-notch performance in various marine environments. Its slim, compact body allows for seamless installation in a variety of vessels while taking up minimal space. Equipped with GPS capabilities, the IC-M330GE ensures efficient navigation and location tracking at all times. Enhance your on-water communication and safety with this powerful yet affordable marine radio offering from Icom.
Icom IC-M37E VHF Marine Handheld Radio
310 $
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Introducing the Icom IC-M37E, a high-performance VHF marine handheld radio designed for reliable communication on the open water. This powerful 6-watt device features Float'n Flash technology, ensuring it stays afloat and visible if accidentally dropped overboard. With a long-lasting battery life of up to 12 hours, the IC-M37E ensures you stay connected during your entire journey. Compact and user-friendly, this marine radio is perfect for boating enthusiasts, professional mariners, and emergency situations. Experience clear and dependable communication with the Icom IC-M37E VHF marine handheld radio.
Icom IC-M510E VHF Marine Radio
727.15 $
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Introducing the Icom IC-M510E VHF Marine Radio - a sophisticated, Class-D DSC communication device designed for seamless marine communication and safety. This cutting-edge radio is equipped with built-in Wireless LAN (WLAN) functionality, enabling full control and access through your smartphone or tablet. Its powerful performance and intuitive user interface make it an outstanding choice for smooth maritime communication. With the Icom IC-M510E, you'll enjoy crystal-clear audio, automatic distress alerts, and GPS connectivity - all designed to keep you connected and safe while on the water. Experience superior communication capabilities with this versatile, reliable, and stylish VHF marine radio.
Icom IC-M94DE VHF Marine Handheld Radio
391.95 $
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Introducing the Icom IC-M94DE, a state-of-the-art VHF marine handheld radio that combines exceptional communication capabilities with advanced safety features for the ultimate maritime experience. Equipped with Digital Selective Calling (DSC) and Automatic Identification System (AIS) technology, this rugged and user-friendly transceiver ensures seamless connectivity, even in the most challenging sea conditions. The IC-M94DE also boasts an intuitive interface and powerful audio output, making it the perfect companion for boating enthusiasts, sailing aficionados, and professional mariners alike. Trust in Icom's outstanding performance and reliability to keep you connected and secure on your next adventure on the water!