List of products by brand Berlebach

Berlebach Deluxe Binocular Adapter (SKU: 32263)
215.06 $
The Berlebach Deluxe Binocular Adapter (SKU: 32263) is the perfect tool for securely mounting binoculars to a camera tripod. This robust, easy-to-use accessory has been crafted from wood, delivering not only an elegant appearance but also an unparalleled level of durability. The adapter promises to provide exceptional stability, ensuring your binoculars remain steady and comfortable for extended periods of observation. This product is a top choice for those prioritizing simplicity, effectiveness, and aesthetic appeal in their observation equipment.
Berlebach Uni 19 C wooden tripod (3/8", color: natural SKU: 11092C)
600.84 $
The Berlebach Uni 19 C wooden tripod, available in a natural finish, is the perfect support system for your heavy binoculars, spotting scopes, and other large optical instruments. Its 3/8" threading compatibility opens a universe of possibilities for equipment match. Known for its exceptional stability, it ensures blur-free, consistent focus while tracking celestial or terrestrial subjects. Distinctively designed for durability and versatility, the Uni 19 C tripod stands out with its robust yet lightweight wooden construction. Explore, observe, and capture with increased precision and ease using this reliable tripod. (SKU: 11092C)