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Nikon 10x35 E II
720 $
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The Nikon 10x35 E II binoculars are the step-up to the renowned 8x30 E II model. This model brings with it enhanced specs and performance, presenting a vintage appeal with its classic design and faultless mechanics. Known for its high-quality imaging, the Nikon 10x35 E II, with its 10x magnification and 35mm objective diameter, promises detailed viewing across long distances. First-time users and experts alike will undoubtedly appreciate the range of superior features available on these binoculars. Easy to handle with a compact design, these binoculars illustrate Nikon's commitment to delivering products with an optimal combination of form and function.
Nikon 10x70 IF HP WP (SKU: BAA192EA)
880 $
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The Nikon 10x70 IF HP WP, with SKU: BAA192EA, showcases exemplary excellence in classic Porro binocular design. Made with a high level of precision in Japan, it embodies reliability, rugged build, and striking brightness in one convenient package. Its large edition design stands out, featuring 10x magnification and 70mm objective lenses for exceptional details and clarity. Tailor-made for astronomy enthusiasts and those who value night observations, this binocular is highly treasured for its superior performance. The pair guarantee a seamless viewing experience, marking it an exceptional tool in astronomical use or in low-light conditions. With a waterproof build, it ensures resilience in various weather conditions, thus broadening its array of uses and durability.
Nikon 12x50 PROSTAFF 5 Binocular
215.06 $
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The Nikon 12x50 Prostaff 5 binoculars offer outstanding optical performance ideally suited for nature lovers and birdwatchers. They feature a solid mechanical construction and traditional optical parameters, ensuring high durability and consistent image quality. Their powerful 12x magnification power allows remarkable visibility of minute details, even over extended distances. Despite their powerful capabilities, these binoculars are still compact and lightweight enough to be comfortably used handheld. The Prostaff 5 binoculars demonstrate Nikon's commitment to delivering flawless visual experiences, making them an invaluable tool for any wildlife and nature exploration.
Nikon 16x56 MONARCH 5
590 $
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The MONARCH 5 binoculars by Nikon are expertly designed to satisfy the stringent requirements of keen hunters and forestry professionals. These high-performance binoculars employ advanced optical technology, encompassing ED glass elements and both dielectric and phase correction coatings on prism surfaces, for pin-sharp, distortion-free imaging. They efficiently highlight the minutest details, even in the most difficult observation scenarios, offering consistent image quality. In addition, the expansive 56mm lenses significantly boost visibility, ensuring an unmatched, immersive viewing experience. These binoculars stand out as top-tier optical equipment for anyone seeking superior performance.
Nikon 20x120 III Set 3 (BBA101AH)
4400 $
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The Nikon 20x120 III Set 3 (BBA101AH) comprises of high-end binoculars, masterfully crafted for in-depth astronomical and landscape viewings. Meticulously designed with a sophisticated optical structure, these binoculars extend remarkably bright and crystal-clear images, irrespective of the lighting conditions. Their impressive 20x magnification enables staggering close-up views, while the sizable 120mm objective lenses ensure optimum light-gathering ability. The Nikon 20x120 III binoculars perfectly combine unparalleled clarity with enhanced brightness for a top-notch observation experience. Whether you're stargazing or exploring scenic landscapes, these high-quality binoculars will surely enhance your viewing endeavors.
Nikon 7x50IF HP WP Tropical with RF scale (SKU: BAA191EA)
760 $
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The Nikon 7x50IF HP WP Tropical is a magnificently designed binocular that reflects a true appreciation for classic design. This model, identified by SKU: BAA191EA, is globally recognized for its superior image quality that results from its impeccable lens precision. The durability of its construction ensures long-lasting performance while its detailed craftsmanship is a testament to Nikon's high-quality standards. Unique to this model is an RF scale for accurate distance determination. As an authentic Japanese creation, it promises reliability, aesthetic appeal, and optimal performance for all your observational needs. Its exceptional performance under tropical weather conditions further enhances its versatility, making it a great choice for any outdoor adventure.
Nikon 8x30 E II
627 $
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The Nikon 8x30 E II stands out as the premier "small porro" binocular on the market, verified by an abundance of positive user reviews. Known for its superb image quality, it provides a generous 8.8° field of view. In addition to its high-performance optics, this binocular impresses with its timeless, elegant mechanical design that appeals to users at first sight. Ideal for birdwatchers, outdoor enthusiasts and sports fans alike, the Nikon 8x30 E II offers clear and bright images, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking premium optical performance in a compact package.
Nikon 8x42 MONARCH 5
280 $
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The Nikon MONARCH 5 8x42 binoculars cater to all outdoor aficionados seeking reliable gear. Expertly crafted for daytime adventuring, they are perfect for activities ranging from hunting to bird watching to general observation. Boasting high-level functionality, these binoculars produce an exceptionally clear and steady image that ensures optimum observation at all times. Benefit from their robust construction, easy hold, and high-resolution capabilities. Experience the great outdoors like never before with the Nikon MONARCH 5 8x42 binoculars, designed to stand up to any adventure while consistently delivering superior performance.
Nikon 8x42 Monarch HG
860 $
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Experience brilliant clarity and precision during your wildlife observations with the Nikon 8x42 Monarch HG. Its impressive features offer a wide field of view and maximum sharpness, whether you're bird-watching or tracking other wild animals. This binocular incorporates a field correction equalizer to optimize clarity across the entire visible range. To minimize color aberration and provide high-contrast images, the Monarch HG utilizes extra-low dispersion (ED) glass. Embrace a clear, flawless viewing experience with the remarkably portable and reliable Nikon 8x42 Monarch HG - your perfect companion on every outdoor adventure.
Nikon 8x56 MONARCH 5
531.54 $
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The Nikon 8x56 MONARCH 5 binoculars are tailored to meet the expectations of devoted hunters and woodland service professionals, prioritizing high-performance and sturdiness. The advanced optical system of these binoculars integrates ED glass elements, dielectric prism coatings, and phase correction coatings for enhanced clarity and precision. The generously sized 56mm lens ensures you won't miss a single detail, even in difficult viewing conditions. Featuring a practical design, these binoculars are equipped with rotating and sliding eyecups for seamless positioning and ample eye relief for improved comfort during prolonged use. Experience the wilderness like never before with the Nikon 8x56 MONARCH 5 binoculars.
Nikon ACTION EX 16x50 CF binocular
196.82 $
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The Nikon EX series binoculars stand out with their impressive features, making them a top choice for various outdoor enthusiasts. These binoculars boast a generous, wide field of view, full water resistance (thanks to nitrogen filling), and exceptional chromatic aberration correction. Crafted with precision, they offer a premium appearance and superior finish, sure to meet the discerning needs of users with high standards.
Nikon EDG 10x42 DCF Binoculars (SKU: BAA772EA)
1970 $
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The Nikon EDG 10x42 DCF Binoculars (SKU: BAA772EA), a flagship offering, are the epitome of advanced optical technology and superior materials. Crafted meticulously for an unmatched viewing experience, these binoculars promise to deliver highly detailed and exceptionally clear images. Their powerful 10x magnification enhances distant objects, while the 42mm objective lens captures ample light for bright views, even in low-light conditions. Experience an extraordinary visual journey marked with supreme clarity and precision with the Nikon EDG 10x42 binoculars. Perfect for bird watching, hunting, or just immersing in nature's beauty. They are not just a pair of binoculars, but a testament to Nikon's commitment to industry-leading innovation and quality.
Nikon EDG Fieldscope 85 (body SKU: BDA132AA)
1665 $
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The Nikon EDG Fieldscope 85, identified by SKU: BDA132AA, is a standout optics product featuring an impressive 85mm diameter lens. This first-rate magnifying scope delivers a brilliantly illuminated field of view, ensuring that your observing experiences are top-notch. Furthering its superiority in the optics industry, it incorporates multiple advanced technologies like ED glass and an advanced multi-layer lens coating. Notably, this Fieldscope boasts a state-of-the-art multi-layer dielectric coating on the high-reflection prism for unmatched light transmission. The high quality of these components blended together delivers exceptionally clear, high-resolution images with stunning contrast. Even in low light environments, you can count on the Nikon EDG Fieldscope 85 to deliver spectacular viewing. Discover the difference with this remarkably engineered, top-of-the-line Fieldscope.
Nikon EDG Fieldscope 85VR with Case (Body, BDA134YA)
2620 $
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The groundbreaking EDG VR series from Nikon showcases the first-ever spotting scopes boasting an innovative optical vibration reduction (VR) technology. This technology, also used in premium NIKKOR VR lenses, ensures an exceptionally steady view, making it indispensable for bird watching, nature observing or any other activity where stability is crucial. The Nikon EDG Fieldscope 85VR with case (body, BDA134YA) stands as a testament to this commitment to innovation, offering unparalleled performance. Enhanced with refined features, optimized designs, and cutting-edge technology, it's a must-have for professionals and novices alike seeking best-in-class clarity and stability. Each purchase includes a protective carrying case, guaranteeing safe and easy transportation.
Nikon FEP 20-60 Eyepiece for EDG Spotting Scopes (BDB805AA)
662 $
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Discover a new dimension with NIKON’s FEP 20-60 eyepiece, engineered specifically for EDG spotting scopes. Embark on a vivid nature exploration journey with this eyepiece that stands out due to its variable magnification capability. Tailored to fit both EDG models featuring an 85mm lens or a 65mm lens, the FEP 20-60 eyepiece guarantees to deliver top-notch performance and adaptability. Routinely achieving precision and detail, it enhances the viewing experience by providing a crystal-clear focus. This eyepiece (BDB805AA) optimizes the use of your spotting scope, delivering outstanding clarity and sharpness, transforming routine observations into extraordinary ones. Enjoy the stunning quality and dynamic range of this unique addition to your EDG spotting scope.
Nikon FEP 38W Eyepiece for EDG Spotting Scopes
362.76 $
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The NIKON FEP 38W eyepiece is exclusively designed for use with select EDG spotting scopes, elevating the viewing experience with its superior features. When fitted on an EDG model outfitted with an 85mm lens, it enables detailed and vibrant imaging with a powerful 38x magnification. Alternatively, this eyepiece, when used with a 65mm lens model, offers a significant magnification of 30x. This Nikon eyepiece is developed with precision and expertise to ensure that it optimizes the performance of your EDG spotting scope. Achieve high image quality and great magnification power with the NIKON FEP 38W eyepiece.
Nikon Laser 30 LRF (SKU: BKA156YA)
374.7 $
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The Nikon Laser 30 LRF, SKU: BKA156YA, is a standout rangefinder catered for professionals in a diverse range of fields such as construction, landscape architecture, and field surveying. Its design is as compact as it is lightweight, ensuring superb portability while maintaining high-level performance. This robust device is a must-have tool that aids in precision measurements for projects demanding the utmost accuracy. Trust in the Nikon Laser 30 LRF to deliver top-notch results consistently, helping you to excel in your professional endeavours.
Nikon Laser 50 LRF (SKU: BKA155YA)
493.09 $
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The Nikon Laser 50 LRF stands out as a superior rangefinder, crafted to satisfy high standards of professionals across numerous sectors including construction, landscape architecture, and surveying. Light in weight and compact in design, this gadget is made for easy portability while ensuring precise measurements on the field. This model is identified by SKU: BKA155YA. With Nikon's promise of quality and performance, users can expect efficient measurements with accurate results while working with this highly reliable Laser range finder.
Nikon LRF Forestry Pro II
380 $
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The Nikon LRF Forestry Pro II laser rangefinder is a leading name in forestry related applications known for its exceptional capabilities. The device enables accurate measurement of a tree's height, even in instances where branches or foliage disrupt the line of sight. This breakthrough feature eliminates the requirement for clear, direct access that can hamper traditional height measurement tools. Users can trust the Forestry Pro II to deliver precise readings, significantly improving efficiency and productivity. This robust and reliable laser rangefinder is an indispensable tool that revolutionizes height measurement practices, adding value to forestry operations.
Nikon Marine 7x50 CF WP Binoculars (AKA OCEANPRO, SKU: BAA574AA)
293.34 $
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Discover the marine world in stunning detail with the Nikon 7x50 Marine CF WP binoculars, also known as OCEANPRO (SKU: BAA574AA). These extraordinary binoculars are specially designed for maritime enthusiasts. They boast an outstanding 7x magnification and 50mm diameter lenses that provide amazing clarity and detail. With their high-performance features, they are perfect for all weather conditions. They are an ideal choice for sailors, fishermen, bird watchers, and nature enthusiasts who demand high-quality gear for their pursuits. Experience first-class optics with the Nikon Marine binoculars and take your adventures to all-new visual heights.
Nikon Marine 7x50 CF WP Global Compass
329 $
Tax included
The Nikon Marine 7x50 CF WP Global Compass binoculars are the perfect accessory for sailing enthusiasts. These marine binoculars come with a pre-installed compass and offer an array of features designed to enhance your seafaring experiences. With the full waterproof and airtight construction, these binoculars guarantee consistent and reliable performance even after prolonged usage over the years. They have a moderate 7x magnification and 50mm objective lenses, ensuring a bright and broad field of vision. This becomes especially useful during night navigation on the open seas. These binoculars are your perfect sailing companion.