ZWO ASI 462 MM Early bird Version
259.38 $
The ZWO ASI 462 MM (Early Bird Version), a high-end monochrome astrophotography camera, is an enhanced version of the esteemed ASI 290 MM model. Incorporating a top-notch Sony IMX462 sensor and 12-bit ADC converter, it delivers stellar images marked by extraordinary sharpness and tonal range. The camera's superior quantum efficiency and ultra-low noise level further ensure exceptional quality of captured images, revolutionizing your stargazing and astrophotography experience.
Antlia H-Alpha 3 nm Pro 31 mm Unmounted Narrowband Filter
263.38 $
Our online store features the Antlia H-alpha 3 nm Pro 31 mm filter. Loved by astrophotographers, this top-tier filter is tailor-made for capturing emission nebulae in all their breathtaking glory. Its key role is to transmit red light with an exact wavelength of 656.3 nm, emitted by ionized hydrogen atoms. This filter remains crucial in capturing this significant spectral line, making it an indispensable asset for astrophotography applications. With the Antlia H-alpha 3 nm Pro 31 mm filter, expect exceptional quality and precision for all your astrophotography needs.
Optolong L-Extreme 2" dual band filter
263.38 $
The Optolong L-Extreme 2 filter is a premium quality tool tailored expressly for astrophotography aficionados looking to capture the sensational beauty of bright emission nebulae. It's designed, keeping in mind users with digital single-lens reflex cameras and monochrome cameras and performs exceptionally well under high light pollution environments. Its dual-band feature enhances its efficiency in separating nebulae from the background, ensuring you get only the breathtaking and most detailed images of your celestial object. The filter is perfect for seasoned astrophotographers, explorers or even enthusiasts in urban settings attempting to mitigate the effects of light pollution. Don't miss out on this dynamic tool for your next stargazing adventure!
Antlia S-II 2" 4,5 nm EDGE
271.36 $
The Antlia S-II 2" 4.5 nm EDGE filter is a premium quality astrophotography tool, made explicitly for capturing breathtaking images of emission nebulae. This professional-grade filter specializes in transmitting light with a wavelength of 671.6 nm, which is produced by doubly ionized sulfur atoms. The filter features a half-transmittance window width (FWHM) of 4.5 nm, a key attribute in making astrophotography more defined and detailed. Invest in this superior filter for your astrophotography needs to significantly enhance your image results.
ZWO 2"LRGB fiter set (SKU: ZWO LRGB2)
279.35 $
Experience exceptional results in astrophotography with the ZWO LRGB 2 filter set. This impressive set consists of four professional filters that function perfectly with monochrome cameras. Crafted using top-tier Schott glass substrates, the filters deliver crisp and vibrant images. Integrating a comprehensive multilayer coating, these filters promise over 90% efficiency within their peak transmission band. This ensures an incredible contrast and superior quality, leading to an enhanced viewing and photographing experience. With its SKU: ZWO LRGB2, this set is a must-have for every astrophotography enthusiast. Invest in the ZWO LRGB 2 filter set and take your astrophotography journey to the next level.
Sky-Watcher Evolux 62ED 0,9x reducer / corrector
279.35 $
The Sky-Watcher Evolux 62ED 0.9x reducer/corrector forms a part of the esteemed Evolux series by Sky-Watcher. This reducer has been specifically engineered with the Evolux 62 telescope in mind, paving the way for improved astrophotography. It goes beyond just wide-field astro-imaging; it enhances the overall performance of the telescope to deliver superior image quality. Not to mention, the focal length reducers are invaluable for professional astrophotographers, leading to shorter exposure times. The integration of this reducer/corrector with your Evolux 62ED will undoubtedly elevate your star-gazing experiences, bringing the cosmos to your backyard in vivid clarity.
The ZWO ASI290MM Mini camera is your ultimate partner for precise astrophotography. Designed with guiding functions at the forefront, this camera shines with unmatched accuracy. At its core is a light-sensitive element featuring a single pixel size of 2.9 x 2.9 µm, providing it with the highest angular resolution in comparison to other ZWO Mini models. This essentially translates to a significant 30% improvement in guidance accuracy when juxtaposed with the ASI120MM Mini. Unleash superior accuracy in your astronomical observations and recordings with the ZWO ASI290MM Mini - the perfect device designed for precision and excellence.
Antlia OIII 3 nm Pro 31 mm unmounted narrowband filter
279.35 $
The Antlia OIII 3 nm Pro 31 mm filter is a valuable accessory for astrophotography enthusiasts. This narrowband filter is professionally designed to give a slight edge when capturing emissions nebulae's awe-inspiring images, significantly highlighting the exquisite details. The filter's key attribute is transmitting light at a wavelength of 500.7 nm, only emitted by ionized oxygen atoms present in emission nebulae. This refined transmission quality results in superior imaging performance, making this filter an indispensable tool for celestial photographers.
Askar H-Alpha 7 nm 2" Narrowband Filter
279.35 $
The Askar H-Alpha 7 nm 2" narrowband filter is an exceptional quality accessory that's designed to specifically capture the radiant red light that is emitted by ionized hydrogen atoms, which is at a wavelength of 656.3 nm. Unique to its design is its utility in the photography of emission nebulae. This attribute allows an accurate recording of this significant spectral line. This filter ensures that your nebulae photographs are not just distinctive, but also full of brilliant details that truly reflect the wonders of the cosmos. Make your astrophotography experience special with the Askar H-Alpha filter.
William Optics Guidestar 61 GD APO (M-GS61-GD)
279.35 $
The Guide Star 61 GS61 in an elegant gold finish is an outstanding telescope lens engineered for guiding telescopes within the focal length range of 700-1200 mm. It is equipped with the sophisticated FPL-53 lens, providing superior performance that astrophotography enthusiasts will find invaluable. This telescope lens truly shines when combined with the WO FLAT61A low-profile flattener or the TSred279 reducer, both sold separately, making it a stellar choice for extended, wide-field astrophotography projects. The package also features a CNC clamp with a handle for easy handling, along with a soft transport cover to provide your telescope lens the protection it deserves.
279.35 $
The ZWO ASI 662MC is a dynamic, compact astronomical camera, engineered with an emphasis on planetary astrophotography. Its most notable feature is its one-shot color (OSC) capability, a unique functionality that allows for efficient and stunning captures of celestial bodies in rich, vibrant colors. Designed with power and precision in mind, this camera is the ideal tool for any astronomer looking to enhance their astrophotography experience.
Askar f / 3.9 Full-Frame Reducer for FRA400 / FRA500 Flatfield Astrograph (SKU: ASRED72)
279.35 $
Upgrade your astrophotography with the Askar f / 3.9 Full-Frame Reducer, designed especially for the FRA400/FRA500 Flatfield Astrograph. Specifically tailored to amplify the performance of the FRA400, this reducer guarantees an exceptional field correction. Another key feature includes its broad compatibility with professional grade cameras and camcorders equipped with a full-frame sensor. The reducer enhances the astrograph performance, allowing it to capture more detailed and stunning images of celestial objects. Increase the reach of your astrograph without compromising the image quality with the Askar f / 3.9 Full-Frame Reducer. Make sure to include SKU: ASRED72 when you order.
Sky-Watcher Evolux 82ED 0,9x reducer / corrector
279.35 $
The Sky-Watcher Evolux 82ED 0.9x reducer/corrector is the latest addition to the renowned astronomy equipment maker's repertoire, specifically designed for their Evolux series refractors. This reducer is rapidly becoming a crucial accessory for dedicated astrophotographers. The combined use of the reducer with the Evolux 82 telescope allows users to reach an impressive focal ratio of f/5.8. This remarkable functionality noticeably cuts back exposure times by nearly 25% as compared to the original setup. Up your astrophotography game with Sky-Watcher's advanced reducer/corrector.
Antlia SII 3 nm Pro 31 mm unmounted narrowband filter
279.35 $
The Antlia SII 3 nm Pro 31 mm filter is a top-tier astrophotography accessory that’s designed to record the 671.6 nm wavelength released from double ionized sulfur atoms in emission nebulae. This filter is not just a simple accessory but a specialised piece of gear that considerably elevates the quality of celestial imagery. Notwithstanding its complexity, this filter underwent strenuous surface quality checks to meet rigorous military standards, ensuring its precision and quality. If you are serious about capturing the mesmerizing beauty of the cosmos with unparalleled detail and clarity, the Antlia SII 3 nm Pro 31 mm filter is the tool your astrophotographic gear needs.
William Optics Guidestar 61 RD Red APO (M-GS61-RD)
279.35 $
The Guide Star 61 GS61 is a top-tier telescope lens, available in a striking red finish. This model showcases the technologically advanced FPL-53 lens, which is purpose-built for guiding telescopes operating within the focal length spectrum of 700-1200 mm. Offering stellar performance and adaptability, it is an excellent choice for those passionate about astrophotography. Boasting William Optics' durable construction and high-quality imaging, it is truly a great addition to any deep-sky observing setup.
Askar 0,76x full frame reducer for Askar 80 PHQ
279.35 $
The Askar f/5.7 (80PHQ) Reducer is a specialised accessory, explicitly designed to use with the Askar 80PHQ astrograph. This exemplary tool provides excellent field correction, ensuring ultra-clear and high-quality celestial images. It's compatible with professional cameras and camcorders equipped with a full-frame matrix. This allows for an exceptional range of photographic possibilities, making it a fantastic addition for both professional astrophotographers and astronomy enthusiasts. With its 0.76x reducing capability, it significantly expands the field of view, ensuring that every breathtaking celestial event is perfectly framed and captured in stunning detail. Experience the cosmos like never before with the Askar 80PHQ Reducer.
Antlia H-Alpha 2" 4,5 nm EDGE
283.34 $
The Antlia H-Alpha 2" 4.5 nm EDGE is an expert-level filter purposed for astrophotography. Its special design enables it to capture the unique red light that ionized hydrogen atoms emit. The filter's half-transmittance window width, or FWHM, is 4.5 nm, making it excellent for photographing emission nebulae. This is due to its proficiency in registering the essential hydrogen alpha (Hα) spectral line. Capture the cosmos like never before with the high-quality, precision-performing Antlia H-Alpha 2" 4.5 nm EDGE astrophotography filter.
290 $
The ZWO ASIAIR PLUS is a revolution in professional astrophotography. This innovative, compact controller works to supplant the necessity for a computer in your astronomical photography setup. Its primary function is to efficiently minimize equipment overload and untidy cable clutter. With a massive 32 GB capacity, it offers ample storage to capture and preserve every cosmic moment. Ideal for stargazing enthusiasts and professional astrophotographers alike, it transforms the astrophotography experience by providing an easy-to-use and highly convenient solution. Get premium quality and performance with the ZWO ASIAIR PLUS!
Antlia O-III 2" 4,5 nm EDGE
283.34 $
The Antlia O-III 2" 4.5 nm EDGE filter is an expert-level piece of equipment made specifically for astrophotography, particularly for capturing emission nebulae. This filter operates with a narrow bandwidth of 4.5 nm, transmitting light at a wavelength of 500.7 nm. This emitted wavelength from ionized oxygen atoms is incredibly critical to effectively capturing emission nebulae, making this Antlia filter an essential tool for every astrophotographer. Enhance your photos' detail and capture the universe’s true beauty with this specialized filter. Invest now in the Antlia O-III 2" 4.5 nm EDGE to elevate your astrophotography experience.
Antlia LRGB-V Pro 1,25
283.34 $
The Antlia LRGB-V Pro 1.25" is a professional-grade LRGB filter set designed with astrophotography in mind. Suited for monochrome cameras, it works impeccably with both CCD and CMOS sensor types. This filter set enhances color separation and contrast, improving the quality of your celestial images. With the Antlia LRGB-V Pro 1.25", capture the beauty of the universe with clarity and precision. Experience optimum spectral compatibility and make astrophotography a more enjoyable venture.
ASKAR FMA135 fi 30 mm / 135 mm f/4,5 APO astrograph / telephoto lens / guider / travel scope (SKU: FMA135)
294.29 $
The Askar FMA 135 astrograph/telephoto lens is a multi-faceted instrument comparable in quality to the esteemed Askar FMA180 model. It offers a 135mm focal length and incorporates an apochromatic triplet with a single element made from reduced dispersion (ED) glass. This innovative optical system, coupled with a three-element flattener, ensures superior light transmission and a flat field. The FMA 135 is meticulously designed to meet the demands of both regular and full-frame cameras, making it an ideal choice for astrophotographers. In addition to astrophotography, it can also be used as a telephoto lens or as a guide scope for your travel adventures. With its SKU FMA135, it’s a high-performing addition to any toolkit.
299.32 $
The ZWO ASI 290 MM uncooled monochrome camera is a favorite among astrophotography devotees. Crafted with precision, it's capable of capturing breathtaking cosmic pictures with its advanced features. Its versatility enables it to suit a broad range of uses within the realm of astrophotography, delivering nothing short of exceptional image quality. Expand your celestial exploration with this extraordinary camera that consistently delivers superior performance.
Sharpstar F/4,4 0,8x reducer for 94 EDPH
299.32 $
The SharpStar 94 EDPH Telescope comes complete with a specialized 0.8x reducer, enabling users to adeptly curtail its focal length to 414mm. Uniquely created as a quadruplet, this exceptional telescope has one element constructed of Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) glass. In combination with the telescope, this particular element manifests a complete circle of full illumination with a significant diameter of 50mm. This advanced feature significantly enhances the viewing experience, ensuring clear, precise, and crisp images. A noteworthy addition to any stargazing or astrophotography setup, the SharpStar 94 EDPH with its 0.8x reducer delivers superior performance and high-quality imaging.
Antlia LRGB-V Pro 31 mm unmounted
299.32 $
The Antlia LRGB-V Pro 31 mm unmounted set is a specialized tool for astrophotography enthusiasts and professionals alike. These LRGB filters are tailored specifically to augment the performance of monochrome cameras, whether they be CCD or CMOS sensor types. Leveraging this advanced filter set will result in capturing astronomy images with the enhanced color balance, sensitivity, and contrast. Notably, these are unmounted filters, providing flexibility in combining with other equipment. The filters come in the large format 31mm size, ideal for wide-field astrophotography. The LRGB-V Pro set affirms Antlia's commitment to high-quality, professional-grade astrophotography instruments, setting a benchmark in the industry.