Vortex Razor HD 4000 GB (SKU: LRF-252)
738.06 $
The Vortex Razor HD 4000 GB, product code LRF-252, is an advanced laser rangefinder engineered with long-range shooting in mind. With its ability to accurately measure distances over an impressive 3.5 kilometers, this piece of equipment is indispensable for hunters, golfers, or outdoor enthusiasts who require fast and precise distance readings. Despite its superior capabilities, the Vortex Razor HD 4000 keeps a lightweight and compact form, perfect for all types of outdoor conditions. This device encapsulates the durability and performance-oriented design Vortex is recognized for, making it an excellent choice for professionals in various fields.
Levenhuk 5ST Stereo Microscope (SKU: 35321)
397.61 $
Explore the microscopic world with unparalleled clarity with our Levenhuk 5ST Stereo Microscope. This advanced equipment, designed for widespread use in industries, laboratories, and workshops, offers a substantial working distance of 160mm. This means you can scrutinize a broad array of objects, from geological formations to pieces of jewelry, agricultural products, textiles, watches, and more. With item number 35321, this Levenhuk microscope is an essential tool for anyone aiming for precise and detailed observations. Embrace the opportunity to view the world from a new perspective with the Levenhuk 5ST Stereo Microscope.
Levenhuk D320L BASE 40-1000x with 3 Mpix Camera (SKU: 73812)
270 $
The Levenhuk D320L Base is a sophisticated monocular transmission microscope, perfect for use in both educational and laboratory settings. It boasts a rotating tube design and offers a broad range of magnification settings from 40-1000x. Equipped with a 3 Mpix camera, this product allows for detailed microbiological and histological observations. Additionally, its SKU is 73812. Its essential features and advanced capabilities make this a reliable choice for professionals seeking precision and accuracy in their work. Experience the blend of classic design and modern functionality with the Levenhuk D320L Base.
Delta Optical Genetic PRO Mono 40-1000x Microscope (SKU: DO-3400)
259.38 $
The Delta Optical Genetic PRO Mono 40-1000x microscope (SKU: DO-3400) is a superior biological microscope providing diversity in its use with magnification capabilities ranging between 40x to 1000x. Enhancing its versatility, additional accessories potentially extend its magnification up to 1600x. Notably, this microscope model features robust and dependable achromatic optics designed for clarity. Its robust mechanical construction ensures long-lasting durability and operational stability, making it an excellent choice for any laboratory or educational setting. The Genetic PRO microscope is geared towards providing high-quality precision for biological applications and research. It is truly an excellent investment for anyone in need of a durable and high-performing microscope.
Levenhuk 400B (SKU: 75420)
347.91 $
The notable Levenhuk 400B binocular microscope is specifically tailored for professionals across multiple fields including microbiology, medicine, veterinary science, ornithology, ecological study, and biochemistry. This state-of-the-art microscope is can perform both brightfield and oil immersion tests, furnishing it with the versatility required for an array of scientific research. The Levenhuk 400B's resilient metal body, superior achromatic optics, and bright LED illumination with a collector, ensures it provides exceptional performance and trustworthiness. This amazing piece of equipment displaying the SKU: 75420, guarantees top-tier optics for intricate investigations.
Delta Optical Genetic PRO Mono 40-1000x microscope + built-in battery (DO-3401)
270 $
The Genetic Pro Microscope is a versatile and adaptable biological microscope, providing a standard magnification range of 40 to 1000x, extendable up to 1600x for advanced scientific applications. It boasts reliable, achromatic optics and a robust mechanical structure for precise and accurate observations. A standout feature is its integrated battery, which permits field operations without the need for mains power. This Delta Optical Genetic Pro Mono microscope offers the perfect blend of flexibility, reliability, and convenience for both laboratory and fieldwork, making it the right choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.
Levenhuk 400T (SKU: 75421)
397.61 $
The Levenhuk 400T is a remarkable trinocular microscope built for the demands of laboratory work. Its multiple-functionality provides medical practitioners, microbiologists, biochemists, and other professionals that handle biological preparations with necessary, top-notch equipment. Its design includes a binocular optical component, along with a vertically mounted tube for a digital camera, offering unmatched precision and convenience. This microscope's unique construct (SKU: 75421) makes it a valuable addition to any professional setting, blending advanced technology with user-friendly operation. If you're striving for excellence in your field, the Levenhuk 400T microscope is the tool to empower your research.
Delta Optical Genetic PRO Bino 40-1000x microscope
317.09 $
Experience the power of precision and versatility with the Delta Optical Genetic Pro Bino 40-1000x microscope. Tailored for biological research, the microscope offers superior imaging with its standard magnification spanning between 40 to 1000x, further extendable up to 1600x, ensuring the best possible visibility. Expertly engineered with dependable achromatic optics, and a sturdy mechanical design, this microscope embodies durability and precision. Ideal for advanced scientific studies, the Genetic Pro provides enhanced focus on your subject, facilitating in-depth exploration. Crafted to deliver quality, and built to last, the Delta Optical Genetic Pro microscope is your partner in advanced microscopic studies.
Bresser Biolux Touch 5 Mpix LCD 4,35" 30-300x
309.3 $
Experience the awe-inspiring world of microscopic wonders with the BRESSER Biolux Touch. This cutting-edge microscope uses HDMI digital technology for capturing breathtaking pictures and videos, with no need for a computer. This tool of curiosity is perfect for both educational settings and personal use, offering 30-300x magnification. Its versatility meets the needs of both novice and experienced users, making it a popular choice among hobbyists. Equipped with a 5Mpix LCD 4,35" touch screen, this microscope offers intuitive and simple operation with sharp image quality. The BRESSER Biolux Touch is not just a microscope - it is a gateway into a world unseen by the naked eye. Welcome to modern microscopy at its finest!
Delta Optical DLT-Cam PRO 5MP USB 3.0 (SKU: DO-4906)
319.29 $
Delight in the superior imaging technology of the Delta Optical DLT-Cam PRO 5MP USB 3.0, a welcome addition to our professional microscope camera line-up. This advanced gadget boasts a robust 5MP CMOS sensor, delivering high-resolution images and videos, and utilizes super-speedy USB 3.0 technology for streamlined data transfer. Incorporated with C-mount technology, it ensures seamless and flexible connectivity with multiple microscope systems. With Delta Optical's quality assurance, this device (SKU: DO-4906) stands out as a top-notch tool for detailed and meticulous microscopy work, whether it's for research, education, or industry application. It's an investment that guarantees unparalleled image quality and performance.
Celestron LCD Digital Microscope II (SKU: 44341)
339.26 $
Unlike any other, the Celestron LCD Digital II (SKU: 44341) is a stellar digital microscope that blends remarkable features with affordability. It’s equipped with a built-in 5 million pixel matrix that ensures intricate and detailed viewing for any micro-observation. The achromatic lenses provide crisp and flawless visuals without any color distortion. The mechanical cross table allows for smooth and precise focusing. Additionally, the microscope sports a 3.5-inch color liquid crystal display ensuring real-time viewing of microobjects. With such impressive features encompassing different applications, the Celestron LCD Digital II is a premium tool that promises convenience and high-quality results!
Delta Optical Genetic PRO Bino 40-1000x Microscope with Internal Battery (SKU: DO-3403)
321 $
The Genetic Pro microscope by Delta Optical is an adaptable biological tool, providing extensive magnification range from 40x to 1000x which can be expanded further up to 1600x with additional accessories. It features trustworthy achromatic optics and is designed with durable mechanical construction, ensuring longevity and sustainable performance. A unique element in its design is the internal battery, which is intelligently incorporated in the base for field operations, eliminating the need for a power source. It's a comprehensive research tool, ideal for researchers, students or anyone keen on exploring microscopic organisms in various scenarios. Its SKU is DO-3403.
Bresser Researcher Bino NV 40-1000x Microscope
340 $
The Bresser RESEARCHER BINO NV 40-1000x microscope is an extensive binocular transmission microscope, furnished with wide-angle eyepieces and four achromatic lenses for a diverse magnification range. This advanced piece of equipment provides a range of features, including tunable lighting intensity and a built-in lens condenser that comes with an iris diaphragm. These attributes make it possible for users to achieve optimal microscopic conditions for their preparations. Versatile and user-friendly, this microscope is not only suitable for professional observers but also excellent for educational and hobby purposes due to its precision and quality.
Levenhuk D320L PLUS biological microscope with 3,1 Mpix camera (SKU: 73796)
447.32 $
The Levenhuk D320L PLUS Biological Microscope with a 3.1 Mpix camera is a state-of-the-art device ideal for laboratory professionals, and is also suitable for educational lectures and seminars. Renowned for its versatility, it grants the user the ability to not only carry out visual observations but to also document their findings by capturing high-quality pictures and recording videos. This makes it an all-inclusive answer for a range of applications. The conveniently included accessory pack in the kit ensures ease of use, allowing you to commence your research straight away without needing to purchase extra components. The Levenhuk D320L PLUS truly brings technology and convenience to your fingertips. SKU: 73796.
Levenhuk 740T Biological Microscope (SKU: 69657)
556.66 $
The Levenhuk 740T biological microscope, with its three-eye feature, offers superior viewing capabilities suitable for various tasks including laboratory research, clinical examinations, and medical investigations. This microscope is ideal for both professionals conducting detailed scientific studies and curious individuals examining transparent microscopic specimens. Not merely for professional use, this microscope also finds utility in home learning environments, assisting educational development and curiosity. It encompasses versatile functions, making it perfect for veterinary study, didactics, and blood cell observation. Its extensive magnification range coupled with superb lighting features offers incomparable scrutiny of microscopic entities. Item code for this product is 69657.
Delta Optical Genetic PRO Trino 40-1000x Microscope
370 $
The Genetic Pro Microscope from Delta Optical is an extraordinarily adaptable biological microscope engineered to meet diverse observation requirements. Offering a standard magnification range of 40x up to 1000x, it can be further extended to 1600x using extra accessories. This microscope provides an incredible degree of flexibility for any user. Its dependable achromatic optics promise clarity and accuracy in observations, while its sturdy mechanical construction guarantees precise and stable operational performance. This tool serves as an ideal companion for both educational and professional settings, complimenting any in-depth biological investigation.
Delta Optical Genetic PRO Trino 40-1000x microscope + battery
370 $
The Genetic Pro Microscope by Delta Optical is a versatile instrument designed to cater to a broad variety of biological applications. Offering a standard magnification power from 40x to 1000x, the scope possesses the potential for an extension to a striking 1600x with separate accessories. This guarantee of exceptional flexibility provides a wider range of exploration options. Besides, the microscope also boasts an achromatic optical system ensuring clear, color corrected images, and a robust mechanical structure to deliver precision and accuracy in observations. It also includes a battery in the package, enhancing its portability and allowing you to carry out your explorations even in areas without direct electrical supply. Experience the unmatched convenience and quality of the Genetic Pro Microscope.
Levenhuk D85L LCD Digital Microscope (SKU: 78902)
497.02 $
The Levenhuk D85L LCD microscope is a highly sophisticated equipment, specifically devised for inspecting objects of different transparencies. It provides an impressive magnification range of 40x to 1600x, ensuring remarkable clarity and detail. Equipped with a 2Mpx built-in camera, this microscope allows for capturing photos as well as recording videos for research and documentation. All the data can be easily stored on a memory card. A stand-out feature of this device includes a large 7" LCD screen for comprehensive and detailed examinations, establishing it a must-have tool for both professionals and students alike. SKU: 78902.
TPL Advanced ICD 10x-160x microscope TRINO
405 $
Our online store is offering the TPL Advanced ICD 10x-160x TRINO, an exceptional microscope meticulously engineered for exceptional imaging quality desired by professionals. This powerful microscope boasts a bi-ocular stereo head, an additional third optical pathway, and remarkable optical zooming provisions. These features add great versatility, making it an ideal choice for varied applications in technical, industrial, and biological fields, particularly for small to medium magnifications. With this high-end microscope, quality, precision, and thoroughly detailed imaging can be a part of your everyday professional exploration.
Bresser Researcher Trino NV 40-1000x Microscope
420 $
The Bresser Researcher Trino NV 40-1000x microscope offers a powerful tool for professionals and researchers. Capable of a 40x to 1000x magnification range, it provides outstanding versatility for several applications. The microscope comes fitted with wide-angle eyepieces and four achromatic lenses. These features guarantee clear and intricate observations. With its advanced transmission capabilities, this microscope stands out in its class. It adapts perfectly to an array of settings and meets various research needs with ease and precision. Experience clarity and detailed viewing with the Bresser Researcher Trino NV 40-1000x microscope, the ideal solution for your professional and research needs.
Levenhuk 850B Biological Microscope (SKU: 24611)
745.54 $
The Levenhuk 850B microscope sets the industry standard for biological examination, offering dependability and versatility in its design. As a binocular microscope, it perfectly caters to both light and dark field observations. This makes the Levenhuk 850B a valuable asset in numerous medical lab settings, such as dermatology, cytology, and hematology research. With the added benefit of superior planachromatic lenses, the Levenhuk 850B microscope promises top-notch imaging performance to its users. SKU: 24611.
Delta Optical Genetic PRO Bino 40-1000x Microscope with 3 Mpix USB Camera (SKU: DO-3410)
480 $
The Delta Optical Genetic Pro Microscope is an advanced biological instrument designed for precise anatomical studies. Outfitted with a 3 MPix USB camera attached, the microscope makes image capturing and video recording an easy task. The magnification of the Genetic Pro ranges standardly from 40x to 1000x but it can be optionally expanded up to an impressive 1600x. The microscope is built with durable mechanics and superior achromatic optics for precise, high-quality viewing. This versatile, top-quality microscope promises reliability in your scientific pursuits and offers a broad array of magnification capabilities right at your fingertips. SKU: DO-3410
Levenhuk D95L LCD Digital Microscope (SKU: 78903)
636.19 $
The Levenhuk D95L LCD Digital Microscope (SKU: 78903) is a state-of-the-art tool for investigating transparent specimens. This unique microscope features an onboard digital camera, providing the ability to make visual observations while also capturing high-resolution images and videos. A standout feature of the D95L LCD is its 7-inch LCD screen, a significant upgrade from traditional microscope heads, greatly increasing user comfort during prolonged periods of use. Designed to accommodate the needs of both hobbyists and professional researchers, the Levenhuk D95L LCD Digital Microscope is the perfect blend of traditional microscopy and digital technology.
Bresser Science XPD-101 40-400x
500 $
The Bresser XPD-101 Microscope seamlessly blends convenience with functionality, offering a lightweight, compact design that makes it incredibly easy to transport. Specifically tailored for on-site field research, this instrument is invaluable for workers in a variety of disciplines - most notably hydrobiology, parasitology, and microbiology. The microscope's sturdy construction and extensive magnification range of 40-400x make remote workspace analysis effortless. With the Bresser XPD-101, professionals can collect material and conduct immediate research, improving the efficiency and accuracy of their work. Upgrade your fieldwork provisions with this reliable, user-friendly microscope.