DJI Zenmuse

DJI Zenmuse H20T Thermal Camera + DJI Care
8600 $
Elevate your aerial operations to new heights with the DJI Zenmuse H20T SP Multi-Sensor (EU) – a cutting-edge thermal camera expertly designed for the European market. This high-performance device boasts a powerful synergy of thermal, zoom, and laser sensors, delivering unmatched precision and efficiency to enhance your aerial imaging capabilities. Ideal for various industries, the DJI Zenmuse H20T enables you to gather detailed thermal data and achieve faster, safer, and more accurate results in every application. Experience the ultimate in aerial innovation with DJI Care – our comprehensive support package that ensures seamless integration and total peace of mind.
DJI Zenmuse P1 EU SP
4400 $
Introducing the DJI Zenmuse P1(EU) SP - your ultimate solution for efficient and flexible full-frame photogrammetry! Designed specifically for professionals in the fields of surveying, mapping, and aerial photography, this powerful gimbal camera offers exceptional image quality and accuracy. Equipped with a 45-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, it captures stunningly detailed and precise images for your projects, ensuring precise and reliable data. The Zenmuse P1 seamlessly integrates with DJI's renowned drone systems and is compatible with various lenses, allowing you to customize your setup for optimal performance. Experience unparalleled efficiency and flexibility with the DJI Zenmuse P1(EU) SP - the perfect choice for all your aerial mapping and surveying needs.
DJI Zenmuse L1 (EU) SP
6099 $
Introducing the DJI Zenmuse L1 (EU) SP – a high-performance payload that offers unmatched clarity and superior accuracy for all your aerial surveying needs. This cutting-edge LiDAR sensor system is perfectly compatible with DJI's Matrice 300 RTK platform, ensuring seamless integration and efficiency. With its advanced Livox Lidar technology, the Zenmuse L1 captures detailed point cloud data with accuracy up to 5cm, making it ideal for multiple industries such as construction, surveying, agriculture, and energy management. To enhance your mapping capabilities, this package also includes 6 months of free access to DJI Terra, DJI's powerful mapping software. Elevate your aerial data collection and analysis with the DJI Zenmuse L1 (EU) SP, a comprehensive solution for all your professional needs.
DJI Zenmuse H20 Camera + DJI Care
3300 $
Introducing the DJI Zenmuse H20 series, a powerful all-in-one camera solution designed to elevate your aerial imaging experience. With a powerful 20-megapixel, 23x hybrid optical zoom, and thermal imaging capabilities, the H20 series is perfect for capturing stunning landscapes, detailed inspections, and performing numerous other tasks. DJI Care support ensures your new camera investment is protected, providing you peace of mind for any unexpected mishaps. Unleash the power of one and upgrade your drone's photographic potential with the DJI Zenmuse H20 series. Experience incredible performance, versatility, and efficiency in a single, powerful camera system.
DJI Zenmuse H20N Night Vision Camera + DJI Care
9400 $
Discover new possibilities in low-light environments with the DJI Zenmuse H20N Night Vision Camera. This advanced camera system offers impeccable night vision capabilities, allowing you to see beyond darkness. Paired with DJI Care, you can confidently explore the night without worries. The Zenmuse H20N features a high-resolution sensor, ensuring clear and detailed images, even in the most challenging lighting conditions. Its versatile mounting options make it a perfect choice for various professional applications such as search and rescue, security surveillance, or wildlife monitoring. Experience the unparalleled performance of the DJI Zenmuse H20N Night Vision Camera and transform your vision into reality.
DJI Matrice 300 RTK Drone + Zenmuse H20
14090 $
Elevate your aerial photography and videography skills with the DJI Matrice 300 RTK drone + Zenmuse H20 bundle. This ready-to-fly package offers cutting-edge flight technology, exceptional performance, and a robust design that can withstand demanding environments. With the added benefits of RTK GPS precision and Zenmuse H20's triple-sensor capabilities, capturing stunning content has never been easier. Designed for versatility and ease of use, the DJI Matrice 300 RTK drone and Zenmuse H20 camera system are the ultimate tools for professional and enthusiast drone pilots alike.
DJI Matrice 300 RTK Drone + Zenmuse H20T
19390 $
Introducing the advanced DJI Matrice 300 RTK Drone + Zenmuse H20T, your ultimate solution for precise surveying and real-time aerial imaging. This high-performing drone features enhanced flight autonomy and intelligent battery management, making it even easier to capture stunning images and videos. The integrated Zenmuse H20T camera offers 20x optical zoom, motorized panning, and precision stabilization for exceptional image clarity. Experience the cutting-edge capabilities of commercial drone technology with the DJI Matrice 300 RTK drone and unlock limitless potential for aerial applications.
DJI Matrice 300 RTK Drone + Zenmuse H20N
20290 $
Introducing the DJI Matrice 300 RTK Drone bundled with the Zenmuse H20N camera, designed for industrial and professional use. This powerful drone features an RTK-enabled GPS system for precise positioning, and a versatile platform to support various payloads and applications. The Zenmuse H20N camera boasts stunning image quality, with a combination of high-resolution zoom, thermal imaging, and laser rangefinder abilities. Together, this cutting-edge duo provides unmatched efficiency, reliability, and performance, making it perfect for tasks such as inspection, survey, and search and rescue missions. Elevate your operations with the DJI Matrice 300 RTK Drone and Zenmuse H20N camera package.
DJI Zenmuse H20 & DJI Care Enterprise Basic
Introducing the DJI Zenmuse H20 series, a multi-sensor camera system designed to elevate your aerial operations. Bundled with DJI Care Enterprise Basic, this incomparable combo provides essential coverage and peace of mind. The Zenmuse H20 combines a 20MP zoom lens, a 12MP wide-angle lens, and an infrared radiometric thermal camera, empowering you to capture critical details with utmost precision. Its rugged build and IP45-rated water and dust resistance make it an ideal choice for various industrial and commercial applications. Discover the true potential of aerial imaging with the DJI Zenmuse H20, and experience unparalleled performance, reliability, and versatility in one powerful package.
DJI Zenmuse X7 Camera (No Lens)
2990 $
Introducing the DJI Zenmuse X7 camera (no lens) - a groundbreaking innovation designed for exceptional cinematic quality. This professional-grade camera offers filmmakers an unparalleled visionary experience with its state-of-the-art imaging technology. The DJI Zenmuse X7 is crafted to capture mesmerizing visuals with stunning 6K resolution at 30fps, bringing your creative vision to life. Please note that this package does not include a lens, allowing you to choose the perfect custom lens to suit your filming needs. Elevate your cinematic prowess with unparalleled image quality, dynamic range, and color reproduction; upgrade to the DJI Zenmuse X7 camera now.
DJI Zenmuse X5S Camera
2000 $
Introducing the DJI Zenmuse X5S camera, a high-performance device designed to elevate your photography and videography experience. This powerful camera boasts a remarkable 12.8 stops of dynamic range and an impressive signal-to-noise ratio, ensuring you capture stunningly detailed images with minimal interference. With its advanced sensor technology and compatibility, the Zenmuse X5S is an ideal choice for aerial photography enthusiasts, professionals, and drone users alike. Don't miss out on the chance to upgrade your creative pursuits with the exceptional quality and performance of the DJI Zenmuse X5S camera.
DJI Zenmuse X7, X9, P1 DL 24mm F2.8 LS ASPH Lens
1399 $
Introducing the DJI Zenmuse X7, X9, P1 DL 24mm F2.8 LS ASPH lens, a superior quality lens designed specifically for DJI DL/DL-S aerial cameras. This 24mm F2.8 prime lens boasts an ultra-fast aperture, allowing you to capture stunning aerial imagery with exceptional clarity and precision. Its advanced aspherical low-dispersion elements minimize distortion and chromatic aberration, ensuring that your aerial photos and videos are incredibly sharp and true-to-life. The lightweight design and durable construction make this lens ideal for professional aerial photography, surveying, mapping, and other applications. Experience the difference that the DJI Zenmuse X7, X9, P1 DL 24mm F2.8 LS ASPH lens brings to your aerial imaging projects.
DJI Zenmuse X7, X9, P1 DL 35mm F2.8 LS ASPH Lens
1399 $
Introducing the DJI Zenmuse X7, X9, and P1 DL 35mm F2.8 LS ASPH Lens, a premium quality addition to the DJI DL/DL-S lens lineup. This versatile and high-performance lens is engineered for use with DJI's Zenmuse X7, X9, and P1 cameras, providing exceptional image quality and durability. With an F2.8 aperture and advanced ASPH technology, it delivers sharp, crystal-clear images with stunning detail. The 35mm focal length offers a perfect balance for capturing a wide range of subjects, from landscapes and architecture to portrait photography. This lightweight and compact lens is designed for professional aerial photography, ensuring seamless integration with DJI's aerial platforms. Experience unparalleled image quality and capture breathtaking visuals with the DJI DL 35mm F2.8 LS ASPH lens.
DJI Zenmuse X7, X9, P1 DL 50mm F2.8 LS ASPH Lens
1299 $
Introducing the DJI Zenmuse X7, X9, P1 DL 50mm F2.8 LS ASPH lens, a high-quality professional lens designed for DJI DL/DL-S mounts. This versatile 50mm lens offers an impressive f/2.8 aperture and is perfect for capturing stunning aerial photography and videography with DJI's Zenmuse X7, X9, and P1 cameras. Engineered for high-resolution aerial imaging, the DJI DL 50mm lens features advanced aspherical lens elements for reduced distortion and improved edge-to-edge sharpness. The lightweight design of this lens ensures stability in flight, while its precision manufacturing ensures sharpness, color accuracy, and cinema-grade image quality. Enhance your DJI aerial camera setup with the remarkable performance and reliability of the DJI Zenmuse DL 50mm F2.8 LS ASPH Lens.
DJI Care Refresh (Zenmuse X5S)
171.97 $
DJI Care Refresh for Zenmuse X5S is a comprehensive protection plan designed to offer you peace of mind with your valued aerial imaging equipment. This plan covers accidental damage, including drops, collisions, and water damage, providing you with a cost-effective and secure solution for your Zenmuse X5S drone camera. In the event of an accident, DJI will replace your damaged equipment with either a new or equivalent product, ensuring that you can quickly return to capturing stunning aerial imagery. With a quick and efficient claims process, you can rely on DJI Care Refresh to keep your Zenmuse X5S investment protected and operational.
DJI Care Enterprise Basic Renew for Zenmuse H20N
1227.02 $
Enhance the protection of your DJI Enterprise products with the DJI Care Enterprise Basic Renew (Zenmuse H20N). This extension plan is specifically designed to cover your Zenmuse H20N camera, ensuring comprehensive coverage and peace of mind. By renewing, you ensure uninterrupted protection for your investment, safeguarding it from accidental damage and costly repairs. Don't let mishaps slow down your operations; choose DJI Care Enterprise Basic Renew and focus on capturing stunning aerial imagery with confidence.
DJI Care Enterprise Basic Renewal (Zenmuse L1)
1047.89 $
DJI Care Enterprise Basic Renew (Zenmuse L1) is a comprehensive protection plan designed specifically for your DJI Zenmuse L1 Enterprise products. By extending your coverage, this plan ensures the longevity and optimal performance of your valuable aerial LiDAR solutions. DJI Care covers potential damage and offers timely technical support, enabling you to focus on your mapping and surveying missions without worry. Protect your investment, minimize downtime, and achieve peace of mind with DJI Care Enterprise Basic Renew for your Zenmuse L1 devices.
DJI Care Enterprise Basic Renew for Zenmuse H20T
868.77 $
DJI Care Enterprise Basic Renew (Zenmuse H20T) offers extended protection for your DJI Enterprise products, ensuring your investment's safety and longevity. Specifically designed for the Zenmuse H20T camera system, this renewal plan helps you keep your aerial imaging capabilities at their best. With access to comprehensive coverage, rapid support, and hassle-free repairs, you can maintain your equipment's optimal performance with added peace of mind. Trust DJI Care Enterprise Basic Renew to secure your enterprise solutions, so you can focus on capturing stunning visuals and unlocking new possibilities in aerial imaging.
DJI Care Enterprise Basic Renew for Zenmuse P1
519.29 $
DJI Care Enterprise Basic Renew (Zenmuse P1) is an essential protection plan extension, specifically designed for your DJI Enterprise products, such as the Zenmuse P1 camera. This renewal package ensures the continuous safeguarding of your valuable equipment by providing additional peace of mind, prolonging warranty coverage, and offering timely repair or replacements when needed. Investing in DJI Care Enterprise Basic Renew ensures that you remain worry-free and can confidently rely on your high-performance DJI Zenmuse P1 camera to consistently deliver professional-grade results in aerial photography and mapping projects. Don't leave your productivity to chance – secure your DJI Enterprise gear now!
DJI Care Enterprise Basic Renewal (Zenmuse H20)
331.38 $
DJI Care Enterprise Basic Renew (Zenmuse H20) is a comprehensive extension plan designed to safeguard your DJI Enterprise products by offering additional protection and peace of mind. Specifically tailored for the Zenmuse H20 series, this renewal plan ensures your valuable equipment remains covered against accidental damage, technical support, and warranty-related issues. By investing in this extension plan, you can focus on capturing stunning aerial imagery with your DJI Zenmuse H20 without worrying about potential mishaps or product malfunctions. Secure your investment and enhance the longevity of your DJI Enterprise gear with DJI Care Enterprise Basic Renew.
DJI Matrice 600 Series Zenmuse X3/X5/XT/Z3 Series Gimbal Mounting Bracket
179.14 $
Introducing the DJI Matrice 600 Series Zenmuse X3/X5/XT/Z3 Series Gimbal Mounting Bracket, specifically designed to securely mount Zenmuse X3/X5/XT/Z3 series cameras onto the Matrice 600 Series. This high-quality and reliable mounting bracket provides a stable, precise, and easy-to-install solution for attaching your Zenmuse camera to your Matrice drone. Enhance your aerial photography and videography experience with this essential accessory that ensures optimal performance and seamless integration between your camera and drone. Don't miss out on capturing stunning, professional-grade images and videos with the DJI Matrice 600 Series Zenmuse Gimbal Mounting Bracket.
DJI Care Refresh Zenmuse X7 Code
475.03 $
Introducing the DJI Care Refresh Zenmuse X7 code - a valuable investment to secure your cutting-edge aerial camera gear. Upon purchasing, expect a swift delivery of the code to your provided email address. This essential protection plan offers comprehensive coverage for your Zenmuse X7 camera, ensuring peace of mind and confidence while capturing stunning aerial footage. Designed specifically for professionals and enthusiasts alike, this DJI Care Refresh plan provides a hassle-free experience in the event of accidents, damages, or technical issues. Don't miss out on the opportunity to safeguard your valuable equipment with this must-have coverage. Investing in DJI Care Refresh Zenmuse X7 code is a smart choice for securing your aerial camera's longevity and performance.
DJI Care Refresh Code for Zenmuse X5S
166.15 $
Introducing the DJI Care Refresh Zenmuse X5S Code, a valuable addition to protect your investment in your Zenmuse X5S camera. Upon purchasing this code, you will receive it via email, providing comprehensive coverage and added peace of mind for your aerial photography endeavors. This code offers protection against accidental damage, product replacement, and secure technical support, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience with your Zenmuse X5S. Remember to provide a valid email address during purchase to receive the code and enjoy uninterrupted coverage of your precious equipment. Invest in DJI Care Refresh and fly confidently with your Zenmuse X5S.
DJI Zenmuse X5S Balancing Ring for Olympus 9-18mm/4.0-5.6 ASPH
14.16 $
Elevate your aerial photography experience with the DJI Zenmuse X5S Balancing Ring, specifically designed for the Olympus 9-18mm/4.0-5.6 ASPH lens. This high-quality accessory ensures a secure mounting and optimal balance on the Zenmuse X5S, delivering smoother, more stable shots for your professional projects. Enhance your camera's performance and capture breathtaking aerial footage with precision and stability using this essential balancing ring. Compatible with the Zenmuse X5S gimbal, this accessory is a must-have for those looking to improve their drone photography and videography skills.